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October 20, 2014 4.3k views

Hello everyone!

So, some of you might have seen my last question.
Well, this one is a little different. I have created a Ghost droplet, and I have my blog almost set up.

I'm facing some problems with the Subscribe button, on the upper right. How can I make the visitors subscribe to my RSS feed? When you hover over the button it shows
"wholt.me/rss/", and of course it brings me no where.
How can I link this to make it work?

This is my blog: www.wholt.me, not to advertise or anything but to get some help :), I guess you gotta see it first.

I really appreciate this kind community!

*Andreas Holt

1 Answer

So it looks like your blog is located at http://wholt.me/ but the RSS link points to http://www.wholt.me/rss/ If I vist http://wholt.me/rss/ I am successfully presented with your RSS feed.

Are you using the one-click Ghost app? If so, you probably want to take a look at:

Either way, it looks like you need to edit your Ghost configuration to use the correct domain name. This is usually in the file /var/www/ghost/config.js Find this line and update it to the correct value:

production {
    url: 'http://www.wholt.me',

and restart Ghost. If you are using the one-click app, this can be done with:

sudo service ghost restart
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