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February 5, 2017 254 views
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I am trying to upgrade to Ghost 0.7.9 and followed the directions of upgrading to a node version 4.2.x < 5.x.x (My version is 4.7.3) and had no issues following all of the steps until I reached having to runnpm install --production for some reason I'm getting
npm WARN cannot run in wd ghost@0.7.9 npm install semver && node -e "require('./core/server/utils/startup-check.js').nodeVersion()" (wd=/var/www/ghost) and can't seem to figure out a solution. I'm running my droplet via SSH with a root user. Could it be my root user permissions for NPM?

Full run:

npm WARN cannot run in wd ghost@0.7.9 npm install semver && node -e "require('./core/server/utils/startup-check.js').nodeVersion()" (wd=/var/www/ghost)

> jsonpath@0.2.2 postinstall /var/www/ghost/node_modules/jsonpath
> node lib/aesprim.js > generated/aesprim-browser.js


I also tried running npm cache clean and rm -rf node_moudles, but still received the same result. Any help or guidance?

Not sure if this detail helps, but I followed the chown -R ghost:ghost core command presented in step 6 of the ghost upgrade documentation and curious if that impacted the root user that I'm logged in as. Would it?

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At the end of the message, does it by chance echo out killed? I ask as this is common on VPS's with lower resources. Since npm tends to use quite a bit of resources when initially installing all modules expected by an application (i.e. RAM/Memory), if you run out, it'll simply kill off the process and fail.

So if you're running this on a 512MB Droplet, and you see killed, that's one potential reason. If this is a 1GB Droplet, last I tested, Ghost will install without any issues, though if you're still seeing killed, then you may have to upgrade to a 2GB.

If you're not seeing killed echo'ed out, if you run it adding --unsafe-perm to the end, does it work?

  • @jtittle this does not echo out killed. It also appears that the node_modules are installed correctly despite this error as I didn't have any issues running the applications with exception of having to individually install sqlite3, Not sure if that helps, but this doesn't seem to be a major issue preventing running the applicaiton

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