GitHub Pages - what am I missing?

June 5, 2014 2.3k views
The steps I've taken to set up my GitHub Pages to reach my domain: 1. register example.com with gandi.net 2. change example.com DNS to point to digital ocean 3. create a droplet 4. create a new domain on DO that points to the droplet 5. create two A records (www.example.com -> and (www.example.com -> based on github instructions 6. create two CNAME records (www -> myproject.github.io) and (* -> @) My CNAME file at github contains www.example.com (just used www.example.com as an example obviously)
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The wildcard CNAME record is most likely conflicting with the other CNAME record. Try deleting it.
The first step in troubleshooting this is whether or not you can see your site by going to myproject.github.io If so, then its an issue with DNS settings. If not, than it's an issue with your page on the GitHub side.

Either way, it seems like you might have a DNS issue as well. When following the instructions GitHub, make sure to follow the instructions of a subdomain, as that is what www is:


It doesn't look like you need the A record pointing to and Just the CNAME pointing www to myproject.github.io
by Assaf Gordon
This tutorial shows how to setup a DNS redirection from your own custom domain to point to your GitHub-hosted static website using DigitalOcean's DNS control panel.
Okay so now www.example.com works but example.com still does not.
Never mind, it works! Thank you
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