Github Service Hooks

October 14, 2013 4.3k views
This is the Issue I follow the (The Perfect Work-flow with Git, GitHub, and SSH) of Jeffrey Way on youtube, if you want to watch it this is the link: Anyway when I push a commit to a Github Repository my webpage doesn't update the remote server repository. In the service Hooks I put The Script of github.php looks like this: I don't know why my remote repository doesn't update with the github one when I push a commit to github. I use Ubuntu 12.04 with Apache 2, what am I doing bad ? Of course if I log to shell with my credentials: ssh root@myip and I put git pull I update my remote repository this way. I apreciate a help thanks
2 Answers
What user is apache running as?
sudo netstat -plutn | grep apache
In 99% of the cases the reason is the lack of permissions for the user to finish the operation.
Check the Apache error.log and you will get to know all the details.
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