Github Student Pack Code ------ Account not eligible to use this promo code???

March 26, 2017 6k views
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I get the github student develop pack yesterday and register an new DigtalOcean account just now.
Then,when I attempt to insert it into the promo code input on my profile page,what I get is
Account not eligible to use this promo code.
Is it required to register by the URL in github education page?
Or is it necessary to exchange the code first and then bill?

2 Answers

We cannot help you much, since this is the community forum, but open a ticket through the control panel. The support team has the possibility to see why that promo code doesn’t work with your account.

yes ,I also have the same problem,can you solve it now?

  • My issue is that I signed up with another user’s referral link, which counts as the one promo that a customer can use.

    So what I think is that you must sign up with the link in github.

    If you signed up by the same way with me ,you cannot use the code directly now.

    Emmm, but you can ask the support team for help.It’s they that help me to solve the problem.
    They’re friendly and reliable!

    • yes,This morning,i ask the support team for help,after server hours they solved my problem,thank you !

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