Hi! Congrats on the App Platform release. Looks good!

I see on the blogpost that one of the upcoming features is gitlab and bitbucket support

Support for GitLab and Bitbucket so that you can deploy code from your repositories on these services.

Will the gitlab integration support both private self-hosted gitlab or just gitlab.com? Any schedule on this?

Can’t wait to test the App Platform. Thanks! :)

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Hello, Thanks for reaching out to DigitalOcean!

Gitlab Integration is definitely in our roadmap, but there is no confined date as of now on when it will be available. We will surely consider this as feedback request

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and have a wonderful day!

Sri Charan

I was going to create a post for this exact same question. I’m really excited by your PaaS offering. The prices are really cool compared to your competitors. Sadly we use GitLab.com hosting now and not GitHub. I’m looking forward to your GitLab support so I can migrate my projects from Heroku to DigitalOcean.

Really cool stuff you have going on, thanks!

Hi.. Jake from the DO product team here. As Sri mentioned, we’re looking to add this support.

Quick question for both of you– do you use Gitlab cloud or Gitlab self-hosted?

+1 for Gitlab support
That would make this product go from awesome to AWESOME for me :)

+1 on Gitlab support, we run self-hosted. The apps platform would really simplify our workflow.

This is a great new feature. I concur with the previous posters in the Gitlab support would be great.

I’m also quite interested in this, and using Gitlab. I’ve used both private and cloud Gitlab, but would be happy to see cloud gitlab as a v1 offering.

Hello. An alternative “solution”:

1 - create an github repo
2 - sync

# Assume we are in your home directory
cd ~/

# Clone the repo from GitLab using the `--mirror` option
$ git clone --mirror git@your-gitlab-site.com:mario/my-repo.git

# Change into newly created repo directory
$ cd ~/my-repo.git

# Push to GitHub using the `--mirror` option.  The `--no-verify` option skips any hooks. 
$ git push --no-verify --mirror git@github.com:mario/my-repo.git

3 - Got to gitlab repo -> settings -> repository -> Mirroring repositories

4 - Point to your github repo, authenticate, sync etc…

Done! All changes in gitlab is mirrored to github(with small delay)

Good Luck


    This worked perfectly! :party:

    For the mirroring step I just did this: [https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/repository/repository_mirroring.html#setting-up-a-push-mirror-from-gitlab-to-github]

    Then for NuxtJS add these commands to your package.json:

        "build:do": "rm -r _static 2>/dev/null; nuxt build && nuxt export && mv dist _static && (rm _static/README.md || true)",
        "start:do": "node sammy.js; serve -s _static -l tcp://${PORT:-8080} -n",

    These are the ones from the sample app. I want to keep the default ones.

    (took me a while to find it somehow, paying it forward to include them here to spare others the same)

    /* meta
    There is a very small delay when mirroring. The only real issue I encountered was a non-update of the branches/changes when going through the wizard. I had a DockerFile in master and .. well DO didn’t really like that..

+1 for bitbucket support please

I am also waiting for GitLab cloud support to migrate from Google AE

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