GMail not show images from my email marketing

January 20, 2015 2.8k views

Recently all images on a email composed by my email marketing app is not showing in GMail.

The images are stored on subdomain as

I have tried to add an image from and it appears, so it seems an issue with subdomains.

Anyone can try to point me what to look for? I have looked for security issues, I have read the logs to see if any Google server request is blocked but none is logged.

1 Answer

I found the problem, and seems so weird.

The problem was that in my e-mail’s html body the src attribute was referencing the image like <img src=“HTTP://www.image.local/image.jpg” alt=“” /> with the protocol upper case. After I rewrite the src value to “http://www.image.local/image.jpg” (protocol in lower case) the GMail return to show the image properly.

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