Godaddy domain with digitalocean droplet nameserver issue.

March 22, 2015 5.8k views
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I have my domain registered with GoDaddy & hosted with DO. Everything was working fine till some days ago.

Suddenly some one complaint that it's not working & I saw the same. I thought, it must be some coding issue with Drupal but there were no error in logs. I downloaded code, DB & set up at my local & it was working fine.

Then I checked my GoDaddy account & I saw, they have blocked it for email being not verified. I quickly verified & then checked my NameServer, which was default then after. Set that up & waited for it to populate.

But it didn't & I called their customer care. They asked me to update my A record in zone file with droplet IP address & wait for 48 hours. I did.

It still doesn't work. I called GoDaddy today & talked with their technical team. They sent me a mail with a link - They say, there is no issue from GoDaddy side but NameServer is working & it's issue with hosting.

For the droplet, if I hit my IP address which is, that also works & gives me default apache2 pages. then where is the issue? Whom should I blame?

Aah...and digital ocean guys also can't help as they don't have any clue like every other time because it's my own setup & they don't have any access(which I am ready to share).


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  • Not sure what A record Godaddy was wanting you to change. It looks like you have your nameservers pointed to Digitaloceans.

    Your dns looks ok from what I can see.
    :~# host has address mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10

    :~# host is an alias for has address mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10

2 Answers

Your domain name is pointed to which is a DO droplet in Singapore region, and is not as you stated it should.

Your domain name is using DO NS servers, so go to DO panel > DNS and change your @ a record to the correct IP.

  • Now I have changed IP in DNS because the other droplet is not working. DO guys are not ready to help, so I am replicating my code/db to new droplet.


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