Golang - Spaces - noSuchBucket Error for copyObject bucket while putObject with the same bucket works

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I am trying to make a copy of a file in Spaces

If putting in a new file with

bucket := "someBucket"

object := s3.PutObjectInput{
    Bucket:      aws.String(bucket),
    Key:         aws.String(key),

it works, but if copying

bucket := "someBucket"

cpObj := s3.CopyObjectInput{
        Bucket:     aws.String(bucket),
        CopySource: aws.String(fromPath),
        Key:        aws.String(toPath),

_, err := cl.CopyObject(&cpObj)
log.Println("Error", err)

it logs:

Error NoSuchBucket

It does not make any sense to me. Any help appreciated. :)


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  • Hi nicmila,

    the same is happening for me with node.js and @aws-sdk/client-s3@3.23.0. Whenever I call copyObject the same way you did, the client errors out with NoSuchBucket even though I use the same bucket name for other functions like putObject. This seems to be a bug/missing feature on DigitalOcean’s end then… Were you able to solve your problem?

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2 answers

I have programmed around it in my code. I have not found a way how to persuade CopyObjectInput to work as intended.