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Posted February 7, 2019 5.8k views

Hey guys, I use to manage my domains

I’ve reverted back to googles name servers and wonder what it is that I might be missing

historically with VPS’s I’ve just pointed an A Record to the IP of the web server hosting my site and it’s worked

is this not the case with DO ?

or am I overthinking this and it just needs time to propagate (and me remove domain information from the networking tab ?)

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2 answers

Hey friend!

You’re on the right track. You point the A record to your droplet with us, problem solved. Propagation may be relevant, I usually give 4-6 hours for the common TLDs under average conditions. The rule of thumb is 48 hours but I’m comfortable saying you’ve got something worth digging into for troubleshooting if the end of that timer is anywhere in sight.


Curious why you’ve reverted domain management back to Google domains. Can you share a bit on that real quick?

  • It’s more about having my records in one place. DO hosts my site, but I’m not heavily reliant on cloud infrastructure or do I manage/orchestrate many systems - I use google business apps back end for a few things and I like to keep it all under one roof , the DO interface is very nice.

    I might use it for a special project if I can get my head around glue records but that’s for another day :)