Got a lot of errors: "findFailure failed to parse timeText: Feb 29 18:03:36" (in fail2ban.log). How to solve?

April 9, 2017 1.4k views
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logline is:
2017-04-06 11:51:45,148 fail2ban.filter [1023]: ERROR findFailure failed to parse timeText: Feb 29 18:03:36
Always for “Feb 29” with different times (00:00 .. 23:59)
This one is generated a lot of times and repeatedly.. in a week time it generates a log of 300GB! Nearly crashes the server..
I guess has to do with “Feb 29” and without year I can guess it is an invalid date (now, 2017, is no leap year).
Default installation of fail2ban
How to solve?!

1 Answer

Hi @ckn19341

Which version of Ubuntu and which version of fail2ban?

And did you upgrade fail2ban from a previous version?

What service is creating this date?

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