Got SmartOS Droplets? Linux is great but what about diversity?

January 4, 2015 1.8k views

How many people regularly use SmartOS? How many people use Dragon/Open/Net/FreeBSD? I love linux and all its awesomeness however I think it would be freaking amazing if I could spin up a SmartOS droplet and/or a BSD droplet. A little diversity never hurt nobody. As much as I love digital ocean I really wish they had some more options in terms of OS. I would really like to see a SmartOS droplet.

  • SmartOS is designed as a hypervisor OS. Since layered virtualization is generally not recommended I don't think we'd be likely to offer it anytime soon. As for a BSD option, stay tuned we'll be announcing some exciting things soon =)

  • Man thats a bummer! Linux, BSD,** Illumos**, would have been a killer OS palette to work with however 2 out of 3 ain't bad either. SUPER excited to see what you guys are going to offer in terms of BSD.

1 Answer

Just stumbled across this old question, and wanted to note like @ryanpq hinted at in his comment, DigitalOcean now supports FreeBSD in addition to our Linux offerings.

More generally if there is an operating system you'd like to see support for, you can open a request on UserVoice. We use it to help gauge user demand for different features, and the popularity of the request for a BSD option directly led to us offering FreeBSD.

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