GUI for MongoDB needed to mange Meteor app

February 9, 2016 2.9k views
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Deploying a MeteorJS app, thus using MongoDB for the database. How do we use a GUI to manage the database?

I tried using RoboMongo and MongoChef but neither works.

Anyone with Meteor apps managing their collections with a GUI?

Imagine this task. Someone has posted a faulty link into the collection. I can use Mongo directly to alter the link, but this isnt a reasonable or fast solution when the app gets bigger. In every other server I have used, there has been some graphical interface to manage the collections.

Another less secure solution would be to develop an admin backend in Meteor so admins can log in and edit the posts, but as I said, that would be very insecure.

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I was looking for a similar solution when parse announced they were shutting down. I'm currently using I think it's the most decent interface I've found so far.

  • That looks good! Will try it out.

    Now I am using houston admin package for Meteor. Its good enough for the short term.

You can use RoboMongo. Create a new connection to port 3001 (meteor app must be running)

Houston Admin might work for this.

Please give mongoboostera try. It is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.2-3.2, which provides update-in-place, fluent query builder, ES6 syntax support and true intellisense experience. Free for non-commercial use.

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