Gunicorn setup / error for django application

December 31, 2014 7.2k views

I just started using digitalocean, and wanted to host a Django 1.7 application on a server. I copied over my django project to the server, and installed the few packages I needed to run it. I tested and made sure that I could run the site using the the built in django development server. After doing that however, I went to setup gunicorn as is shown in this tutorial: After changing the filename and path to match my django project I typed "service gunicorn restart" only to have the shell say:

stop: Unknown job: gunicorn
start: Unknown job: gunicorn

I've never used gunicorn before and have no idea what is going wrong. I was hoping I could get some help finishing my setup and publishing the site.


  • The Django One-Click application does use Django 1.6, but that shouldn't cause this error. Does the Upstart script exist on the server? It should be located at /etc/init/gunicorn.conf

  • Got the same error. Tried to do the init-checkconf, it says the syntax is ok... So I do not know what is going on.

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init-checkconf /etc/init/gunicorn.conf

to check if your gunicorn.conf fie is alright - if the syntax is wrong, that command will say so, which could be the problem.

  • I fixed the issue a little while ago using this command. Thank you. There was an issue with the config

It still doesn't work when the syntax is ok.

I'm having the same error. Gunicorn not found, eventhough I am able to run it manually from virtualenvironment.

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