Hacked account ,multiple droplets created

January 2, 2017 2.6k views
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I just get all my digital ocean account hacked i owe $1330

I dont know what to do i habe been paying only $10 every month and ticket support dosnt reply my comments :C

Help please

4 Answers

Account security is your responsibility, use a random password and two factor authentication next time.

  • Indeed, nobody should use 2 times the same password. And nowadays password managers like masterpassword help a lot.

or even better, use paypal to deposit balance and use from that balance instead of Credit card.

  • How is that better than securing your account?

    • I wasnt saying to use prepay without securing the account. :P
      account security comes always first no doubt.

Any update from support? What did you do to your account now?

Hi Digital Ocean

Our Account just got hacked and our droplet is gone, this is definitely the last time we use digital ocean and we shall un-refer your services across our networks.


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