Hacked account ,multiple droplets created

January 2, 2017 575 views
Security Ubuntu

I just get all my digital ocean account hacked i owe $1330

I dont know what to do i habe been paying only $10 every month and ticket support dosnt reply my comments :C

Help please

3 Answers

Account security is your responsibility, use a random password and two factor authentication next time.

  • Indeed, nobody should use 2 times the same password. And nowadays password managers like masterpassword help a lot.

or even better, use paypal to deposit balance and use from that balance instead of Credit card.

  • How is that better than securing your account?

    • I wasnt saying to use prepay without securing the account. :P
      account security comes always first no doubt.

Any update from support? What did you do to your account now?

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