Hacktoberfest: My merged Commit is shown as "not yet accepted"?

Posted November 4, 2021 164 views


I did 4 PRs. 3 to the same participating Repository “CodeAcademy”, all 3 merged but the last one shows as “Not yet accepted”? Despite having Reviews passed and being already merged.

This has to be a bug right? Is there a way to resolve this?

Thanks and best regards,

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Hey @jochenrui,

Thanks for sharing the links to the PRs.

Taking a look at them, the final PR which hasn’t been marked as accepted on the Hacktoberfest site was actually merged on November 2nd, which is after Hacktoberfest had ended.

PRs/MRs needed to be accepted by maintainers during Hacktoberfest (Oct 1 - 31) to count toward winning.

- Matt.

  • Hey @MattIPv4,

    PRs count when they receive their first completed Review according to the FAQ. The first review was comleted on 27th Oct which is within October.

    Don’t punish me for your system not working correctly wow.

    Best regards,

    • No, that is not what the FAQ says at all. Pull requests must be accepted by a maintainer to be counted. Either an overall approving review (which this PR does not have), the hacktoberfest-accepted label (which this PR does not have), or being merged.

      Yes, your PR has been merged, but this happened after Hacktoberfest has ended and so does not count.

      Those are the rules and mechanics of how Hacktoberfest works.

      • literally all PRs are counted as soon as the first review was done. But ok, whatever. First and last time I participate in the Hacktoberfest, ridiculous that you don’t even know how your own system works

        • I’m the lead engineer on the system, I wrote it from the ground up, so I’m well aware of how it works. ^.^

          PRs are not treated as accepted once they have any arbitrary review. They will show up on the Hacktoberfest site as soon as they are created, and then progress through different states based on their activity on GitHub.

          A PR in a participating repo that hasn’t been accepted by a maintainer will show like that on the site, not accepted.

          A PR that has an overall approving review (as reported by the GitHub API, meaning a maintainer with write access has approved it, and there are no outstanding change requests from maintainers), or has the hacktoberfest-accepted label, or has been merged will be considered accepted and then enters the 14 day review period that we have for Hacktoberfest. During this time, it will show as maturing on the site.

          Once the 14 day review period is completed, assuming the PR still passes our criteria (see then it will count toward Hacktoberfest and be shown as completed on the site.

          PRs can only enter this review period once they’re accepted, as I noted above, and only during October. After Hacktoberfest ends at the end of October PRs are then frozen in place, except those already maturing in this review period.

          Hope that helps clear things up about how we process PRs. That resources page I linked to also goes into this further as well :)


          • This is so easy to disprove, let me help you:

            So, after a PR is merged OR it receives the hacktoberfest-accepted label it has to wait 14 days right?

            This PR was merged 8 days ago (see PR thread):

            It doesn’t fulfill any other criteria that the “not accepted” PR doesn’t fulfill either.

            Yet it is already accepted, meaning the 14 days period must have started BEFORE it was merged.

            Your system is flawed. If you are realy the lead engineer you must have been busy in meetings rather than working on actual issues.

          • @jochenrui That PR you are linking to received an approving review 14 days ago, thus meeting one of the criteria to be considered accepted by a maintainer and begin the 14 day review period :)

            As I noted before, a PR is considered accepted if it has an overall approving review or has the hacktoberfest-accepted label or is merged.

          • @MattIPv4 so does the PR that wasn’t accepted. You can go through the logs. It even received the hacktoberfest label, they didn’t write it properly though, so it wasn’t detected.

            It’s ridiculous that we argue over this and just goes to show how stubborn you are. That’s it for me. You won, enjoy. What a great"community platform manager" you are.

          • @jochenrui I’m not trying to argue with you, please don’t take it that way! Just trying to help you understand why this PR wasn’t counted so you know for if you participate again.

            Looking through the original PR in question, at no point from what I can see was an approving review submitted. Many reviews were submitted but these were change requests or comments, not approvals. You can also confirm this by looking at the reviews in the sidebar, showing two maintainers have active change requests on the PR, and one that has not provided a review, but there are no approvals.

            For a PR to meet the approval part of the acceptance criteria, it needs an overall approving review. So, there would need to be no outstanding change requests from maintainers, and at least one maintainer would need to have submitted an approving review.

            I’m sorry that the folks on the PR added the wrong label for you, as having the hacktoberfest-accepted label added would’ve allowed the PR to be considered accepted without having to worry about the state of reviews.

            - Matt.

  • This pull request has been submitted to a participating repository but has not yet been accepted by a maintainer. A PR can be accepted either by being merged, having an approving review, or being given the ‘hacktoberfest-accepted’ label.