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January 25, 2018 1.7k views
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I'm new to Hadoop Hive, now i'm connecting Hive PHP using Apache thrift, its working good. I want to know where is the Hadoop Hive Database file store in server ? (Database file path). Can anybody please help me, i want to transfer my tables to another server.

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Hive normally stores your tables in HDFS filesystem for Hadoop. Also, there is a metastore in hive which stores you schema for your tables by default it make use of derby database. As I am not sure of your cluster configuration it will be difficult to answer your query.
But, all these path you can find inside your "hive-site.xml" file present in "/etc/hive/conf".

Kindly, let me know if this answers your query or if you are looking for more details on it.


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