Happy to use DigitalOcean, yet I wanted to clarify a few things.

January 15, 2015 2k views


I am so happy to have found a coupon and signed up with DigitalOcean. I even asked for everyone’s opinions about which VPS company to be with. I was with Vultr and I wasn’t happy with their service. I asked them if they offer SWIP, 3x but they didn’t bother talking about it after the 4th message that I sent them. That’s the time that they said that they don’t support it.

About their I.P, I purchased the Silicon Valley, California location. I did multiple WHOIS, and the I.P is located in San Jose, California and randomly changes to New Jersey. Going back, that is my I’m here. Feels so good, considering the fact that I am always following the tutorials from you guys, applying them to my other servers. I just wish the 1 GB RAM would be cheaper. So, my question is do you guys offer SWIP? Because I will mainly use my server to host my portfolio and my personal VPN.


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DigitalOcean does not currently offer SWIP

Does DO currently offer SWIP?

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