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Hi,This is dinesh My traffic has been increasing gradually for my site , so i planned to do load balance, so i deployed droplet for new webserver & also deploy new droplet,installed Haproxy . so i got three droplet one for Loadbalance & two for webserver . even i successfully configured HAproxy,but here the problem is, i had installed WHM& cpanel for both websevers. In HAProxy configuration , have to denote both webserver IP .when we hit the IP directly it taking to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page Instead of pointing domain name. so kindly help me to Point the IP to domain name when we hit IP directly .
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Try setting this config directive:

reqirep ^Host: Host:\ yourdomainname.com
I have to do this config in HAproxy server ??
i couldn't config Haproxy . so i need example config details for me . Kindly help out . I took load.pricetalk.in for haproxy . i want to distribute traffic to these domain name pricetalk.in & site1.pricetalk.in . so kindly help me out .
@dinesh_865: Take a look at this:

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