HAPROXY to access cloud objects

April 3, 2019 225 views
Object Storage Ubuntu 18.04

I am using haproxy to access my cloud storage buckets. This allows me to use my own domain name and I can also modify the URL's a bit for legacy reasons. That is I have apps that access the same file with different URI's.

Haproxy is using https to access the objects. Is there a more efficient method to access the files from haproxy? If my droplet is in the same zone as the bucket, can I access the objects directly via a local IP and not go over the public network but stay within DO's network?

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Great question. For the state of the product right now, I do believe you are using the most efficient method. Of course, future iterations of the product may open up different angles. You can also enable the CDN feature and see if it gives you any performance gains, if this is of any concern.


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