Has anyone tried GoPanel app (Mac based web server management tool ) to manage DO Droplet?

November 14, 2016 125 views
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Has anyone tried ? It's a GUI based tool to manage web servers and installing stuffs quickly. I have tried the Lite version and think it indeed does the job and seems a good companion for DO.
I'd like to purhcase the full version, but I'd like to hear any review, experience, pros and cons for using this app first. Can it completely replace command lines? And how does it compare with other server based management software. And also, I'd like to know about the potential security risk when using the app. Thanks

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I have not personally used goPanel but have heard some good things. No control panel will completely replace the command line on Linux. There are thousands of CLI programs for Linux available and a control panel can only focus on the most common utilities. That being said, you could certainly manage common services to run a website via goPanel.

Looking over their FAQ I was concerned by one thing. Their list of supported Linux distributions includes some Ubuntu versions that have already reached their end of life and security updates may no longer be available for those. This should not be a concern if you are using an LTS (14.04 or 16.04) version of Ubuntu but does indicate that they are providing instructions which could result in a less secure server.

Hi @tmb13 , can you share with me on how you setup goPanel with Digital Ocean VPS? I tried it but the app doesn't connect with the server.

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