Have a NodeJS server up and running on VPS

August 22, 2014 14.4k views

I have a NodeJS server that I want to run on a VPS on Digital Ocean. I log in as usual and I basically follow these steps:

git clone myname@mygitrepo.git
cd myfolder/server
nodejs server.js &
Express listening on port 9099

I can now access my NodeJS on the server. But as soon as I close the SSH connection, the NodeJS server dies. How can I make the NodeJS run even when I close down my session?


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ppnsanders is correct. Just to add on,

sudo npm install -g forever
forever start <path to your server javascript>

You can run forever stop to shut it down, and forever restartall if you just want to restart the server (and any other forever scripts).

Simple solution (if you are not interested in coming back to the process, just want it to keep running):

nohup node server.js &

Powerful solution (allows you to reconnect to the process if it is interactive):


hello guys! .. i tryed with *forever * and i close the ssh and the server die … really forever is a solution? .. and when you need mongoDB running too … How do I do it?


by Mitchell Anicas
In this tutorial, we will cover setting up a production-ready Node.js environment that is composed of two CentOS 7 servers; one server will run Node.js applications managed by PM2, while the other will provide users with access to the application through an Nginx reverse proxy to the application server.
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