Have repetitively attempted to set up server to work with InstaSuite, specifically InstaMailer and keep getting same error.

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Check curl

if [ -e '/usr/bin/curl' ]; then
curl -0 http://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install-$type.sh
if [ "$?" -eq '0' ]; then
bash vst-install-$type.sh $*
echo "Error: vst-install-$type.sh download failed."
exit 1

bash: yst-install.sh: No such file or directory

Please Advise! This thing is driving me nuts!

3 Answers

Please check this updated guide - https://instasuite.replytap.io/articles/18195/which-is-the-most-affordable-smtp-i-can-start-with.

Also, this install command is one line, this is important. Hope this helps!

You might be past this now, but this may help others later...

I had the same, then found that by separating the two commands it worked - not sure if that was the issue TBH, but it helped to separate out the commands, for me. I'm installed now, but not got a successful connection with InstaMailer yet.

I ran this:

curl -O http://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh

Then this:

bash vst-install.sh -f --nginx no --apache no --remi no -k no -v no -i no -b no -z no -t no -c no -m no -s <DOMAIN> -e <EMAIL/USER> -p <PASSWORD>

(this is using the short versions of the parameters - i.e. -p instead of --password. I also ommitted params where the default is to set that parameter as we need it - all to save typing!)

To verify this command line / get a full list of the short versions of the parameters, type the following at the command line:

bash vst-install.sh -h

Turns out you need apache and dovecot installed so this is the amended install command line:
bash vst-install.sh -f --nginx no --apache yes --remi no -k no -v no -i no -b no -z yes -t no -c no -m no -s <DOMAIN> -e <EMAIL/USER> -p <PASSWORD>

My system is up and runing now thanks to InstaSuite support stepping in and amending my setup for these 2 missing parts via my Vesta Control Panel

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