Having multiple projects share resources in one droplet

February 19, 2019 432 views
DigitalOcean Getting Started Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I am quite new to digital ocean and currently facing an issue.

I created two projects on digital ocean and i also have one droplet.

In one of my projects, my droplet is there as a resource. Now i also want my other project to use that droplet as a resource. Can i do this on my digital ocean dashboard?

Am i actually using the projects functionality properly?

I also have one domain?

I want these two projects to be able to point to the same domain under different alias. How can i do this?

1 Answer

A project in DO is just an alias or a label for your convenience. Think of it as a tool get your resources organized. It has no bearing on what happens inside the droplet. You're probably wanting to "park" domains on top of your main one, which is a web server construct. What web server are you running?


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