Having some issues here...

October 10, 2014 1.4k views

Hello! I have been having some problems regarding account verification. I inputed the wrong CC number a few times (One was my teachers old one, another was my friends), and a lock was put on my account. I am indeed a real person, but support isn’t responding to any of this. I AM a student (only 14) who signed up through GitHub, so I do not have a credit card myself. Can someone look into my ticket (#406160) so I can start using DigitalOcean? I have heard GREAT things and I would LOVE to use DO for my school projects!


1 Answer

Gotta double check when entering payment information. Also, ask a parent to use their card (As <18 you cannot get one). I am 16 so DigitalOcean will want to verify who you are and such. You will need to provide them with ID, etc in your ticket when they ask.

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