HD Partition for LAMP Server, Desktop, & Wordpress

February 3, 2018 907 views
Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04

I am looking for advice on the best way to partition my hard drives to create an LAMP server with word press and Ubuntu desktop. This is a clean install on a Dell desktop 9100 with two 1TB hard drives. I plan on backing up data to an external hard drive so I don’t see a need for RAID. The version of Ubuntu is 16.04LTS. There are so many choices and I am new to this so I was hoping to get some experienced advice. I would like to optimize my install.Thanks

1 Answer

Are you planning to dual boot this machine into either a desktop or server environment or are you looking to run both simultaneously?

Running on Desktop hardware I assume this server will be for development, testing or staging rather than dealing with a lot of web traffic. For this there should not be a need to partition your disks in a particular way so this is more a question of what will work best for your workflow.

A couple options you could consider:

  • Place your OS on one disk and your web root on the other.

  • Place your OS and web root on one disk and your /home folder for the desktop on the other disk

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