Healthy load balancer with healthy droplets returning 503

August 26, 2019 181 views
DigitalOcean Load Balancing Ubuntu

I’ve setup a load balancer and attached two droplets that are all in the same region. The health checks are all green and I’m able to reach the two droplets individually by accessing their public IP on port 8080 (My NodeJS app is listening on port 8080). I’m wondering what else I could be missing. The load balancer is configured to forward HTTP on port 80 to HTTP on port 8080 for the droplets. It’s seem odd that I can reach the droplets directly but the load balancer cant. The error I’m getting is: “503 Service Unavailable: No server is available to hand this request”

2 Answers

What is the configuration in the load balancer?
Did you configure a port for SSL on the Droplet (not the load balancer)?

I did’t configure either of the droplets or the load balancer for SSL. Doing everything over plain HTTP and the droplets worked fine when I reach them via HTTP by themselves. I’ve actually switched to creating my own loading balancing droplet because I couldn’t get this to work. I setup a vanilla droplet with Nginx as revers proxy load balancing my droplets. That’s working fine for me.

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