Hello! I want users to be able to submit numerical data. Return the sum of a few functions and store and return that data and returnstore it

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I know what I want to do but don't know how to put the pieces together.

  • Build a database
  • Get data store and output
  • Have users access it whenever they want. ex...

start mileage km | end mileage km | total km | convert mi | rate | total

5555 I 6666 | 1111 | 690.34 | $0.49 | $338.27

Would you do calculations with JavaScript before reaching the backend.or do the calculators with php at server level and store it. It some other language.
Essentially I want to perform spreadsheet calculations and make an app that is easier to use reliable. I'm building this for myself and the old bitter bastards I work with.

Do you know why there are no bright eyed smiling truck drivers? because they haven't given up on there dreams yet. I

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I would recommend doing the calculation with PHP rather than JavaScript because with JavaScript the users could manipulate the logic in their browsers if they decided to.

PHP works extremely well with MySQL, so you could just have a function or a class that connects to the database, makes the calculation and then you could just display this on your front end with HTML/CSS/JS.

Hope that this helps!

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