Help a newbie out here please

February 23, 2019 291 views

hi everyone
i recently installed a whm/cpanel on my droplet.
one of the procedures for installing whm/cpanel on a vps is having a valid hostname.
so i purchased and registered a domain name using name cheap registars.
i also pointed my recently purchased domain name to the same droplet containg my licensed whm/cpanel
its been 24 hours and i think my domain name is sucessfully pointed to digital, ocean,s name servers
my problem is how to i get a valid hostname
and how do i edit the dns records on the domain i ve added on the droplet.
pls advice

2 Answers

I have not done this myself, but here is a video with the setup …

hope it helps

A valid hostname would be something like this if your domain name is Then you get on the DO DNS management screen and add an A record whose name is ‘server’ and the value as your droplet IP.

Once that’s done, go to WHM -> Hostname and enter That’s it.


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