Help Establishing a SFTP User to Upload a WP Site

February 9, 2019 314 views
Ubuntu 18.04 Getting Started

I have setup a vsftpd connection (and SSL cert) to allow for SFTP uploads to copy a website. However root access to the directory is not allowed.

I want to create a user to finally copy over a website to my directory.

What do I Need to do to create a User that can get SFTP access, with enough access to create the /www/ folder.

Im confused about create the new user, its permissions and directory. (basically I just need this user to upload a full wordpress site and set it up), then i can delete the user.

Obviously i dont want to give the Root user access, but how can i proceed securely.


1 Answer

Hello, @stephenad36893d2c5526a8724

May I ask if you want to have an additional user created to copy files to an existing directory which is owned by already existing user on the server itself?

You can create an user which is part of the same group and make sure that the directories have the sufficient permissions to be accessed and modified by member of their group.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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