help me.. i want check my bandwitdh in digital ocean

July 14, 2013 7.7k views
8 Answers
apt-get install vnstat :) give it an hour or so and from console type : vnstat
What exactly are you looking to "check" relating to your bandwidth? Speed, daily/weekly/monthly usage or ...?
I assume this about how much of the alloted monthly bandwidth of a certain droplet has already consumed.
I would also be interested in the answer
If you install/use vnstat, you can check daily bandwidth usage by executing: vnstat -i eth0 -d; and monthly stats by executing: vnstat -i eth0 -m; hourly: vnstat -i eth0 -h
Does vnstat only track from when you installed, or can it get the bandwidth usage prior to running apt-get install vnstat?
@lemmings: I believe from when you installed it.
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