help meto install smtp on my vps

June 18, 2016 1.9k views
Email Messaging Ubuntu

No one can install smtp server on my vps?
I have tried many ways but still failed,

who want to install, I give gifts

contact me :

1 Answer

Hey there,

Running a mail server on a droplet is not for the faint of heart. We have an article about some of the pitfalls and issues you might run into:

If you do decide you want to run your own mailserver, this article will help:

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by Mitchell Anicas
When setting up a web site or application under your own domain, it is likely that you will also want a mail server to handle the domain's incoming and outgoing email. While it is possible to run your own mail server, it is often not the best option for a variety of reasons. This guide will cover many of the reasons that you may not want to run your own mail server, and offer a few alternatives.
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