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November 22, 2018 1.1k views
WordPress Ubuntu 18.04


I am just looking for some advice for transferring my wordpress/woocommerce installation.

Besides the obvious when it concerns DNS changes. any advice on this?

Should I have a separate MySQL droplet?
Should I configure a caching droplet? Or have some cashing service on same server as Apache
Should I use a CDN? and if so what one should I use?

I currently have a wordpress/woocommerce multisite installation with 5 sites on it, with a separate 1 site woocommerce installation.

I plan to move the separate one site installation first but eventually have all 6 sites (1x5 and 1x1), on same droplet, but just make it more powerful


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Hey friend,

From my time managing Wordpress sites, I never met a WooCommerce site that didn't struggle with performance. I don't think it's WooCommerce itself as much as it is what people do with it (fill the database until it takes forever to run a query). I do have some opinions about best practices though.

  1. Keep MySQL local, don't add latency.
  2. Use a caching plugin but accept that it isn't going to help on some pages.
  3. Use a CDN, I like CloudFlare.
  4. Go bare minimum on plugins, with the most lightweight theme you can find.
  5. Ditch security plugins and instead focus on other best practices:

Know that performance issues may still occur, and it may not be your fault or the server's fault. Sometimes, I think, people outgrow the use of Wordpress for e-commerce and just don't want to admit it. Don't be afraid to admit it, make sure you know your alternatives for if/when that day comes.


Thanks for your answer and sorry I missed it. Keeping MySQL local is interesting as most people would want it on a different server

Do I need a plugin for cloud flare?

Yes I need to strip down my plugins

Ditch security plugins, now this is interesting as I do have have wordfence and it is a little heavy weight

I actually moved from Magento because it was slow

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