Hi. I am very interested in writing tutorials (open-source) for DigitalOcean.

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Hi. I am very interested in writing tutorials (open-source) for DigitalOcean. However, about three months ago, I sent one article, and when I asked if DigitalOcean had accepted my article, a man (of whom I do not remember the name) responded me in a rather rude and aggressive way.

Also, I am not a wealthy person and work for a remuneration. That's why I applied to DigitalOcean, based on this vision that appears on the website:

"Get paid with DO credit or PayPal

Most new tutorials are paid out at $200; production-focused topics may be paid out at up to $300. Updates for existing tutorials, such as distribution changes, are typically paid out at $50 to $100 based on the quantity of changes and technical content. All payouts are at editorial discretion"

In addition, I have a lot of information on the following two topics that are of most interest to DigitalOcean

  1. How To Deploy a Laravel Application with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

  2. How To Crawl A Web Page with Scrapy and Python

Thank you very much !!

Rodrigo Giraldo Valencia

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  • Hello again, @Rodrigato90. I'm Hazel, a Senior Technical Editor at DigitalOcean.

    For consistency and clarity, the editorial team sends the same text to all declined applications, which is as follows:

    Thank you for submitting this article sample.

    We appreciate every author who reaches out about the DigitalOcean writing program. Due to the large number of submissions, and because every article is tested and edited by hand, we can accept only a selected number of authors to submit articles for publication. Regretfully, we must decline your submission.

    Because the writing program is extremely popular, we unfortunately lack the bandwidth to provide personalized editorial feedback for writing samples. I sincerely apologize. However, we would still love to see you hone your writing skills. Our writing guidelines explain the philosophy behind our articles: do.co/style

    Additionally, many of our prospective authors apply to write because they want to give back to the DigitalOcean community. If you'd like to show your support for the community in another way, you can earn hearts for your Community profile by answering questions at https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions.

    Thanks again for your interest in DigitalOcean's community authorship program.


    The DigitalOcean Editorial team

    I looked into the communications that the editorial team has had with you and wasn't able to find anything aside from this standardized message. It was sent in response to your application and and resent shortly thereafter per your request. I hope this addresses your concerns.

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