hi there. how can i get backup of my website (files + data base)?

May 31, 2018 1.5k views

i’m not server admin, please give simple detailed anser

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So if you’re not a system admin your easiest options are DigitalOcean build in Backups. You can read about it on the community blog Understanding DigitalOcean Droplet Backups.

Tldr: Backups/Snapshots are whole server backups at the point of time they are quested. When/If you want you can restore your server back to any Backup/Snapshot you have taken. If you wanted to acess just a certain file you would need to make a temp droplet from the image restore the file and then delete it.

If your after backups that are more frequent than weekly you can schedule Snapshots manually or use a service like the one I run SnapShooter which allows you to take them up to hourly.

Feel free to ask any more questions :)



by Justin Ellingwood
DigitalOcean offers affordable and easy-to-use backups built into the Droplet interface. Enabling this service on your Droplet can provide automatic, snapshot-based backups at regular intervals, allowing you to easily revert or spin up new instances off of the...
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