High Buff/Cache memory from "free -m" command output for woocommerce site.

November 1, 2018 391 views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

I am running single e-commerce site on DO woocomerce / Ubuntu WordPress on 16.04 ( 1 Gb RAM Droplet). It is a brand new site with only 50 products and zero visitor. The site is running only 5 plugins like Homepage control, Metaslider, W3 total cache, YOAST SEO and Woocommerce Social media sharing. The output of the “free -m” after an of restart of apache serber is as follows:
Total Mem : 992
Used: 421
Free 361
Shared: 47
Buff/ cache: 209 (Somethimes this no goes up to (365)
Available: 367
Any suggestion please?

2 Answers

Buff/cache is free memory put to good use - like cache files. Memory that you’re paying for but sits idle. If you get more traffic the buff/cache memory will be immediately re purposed as needed.



Thank you for your prompt response. It is good to know that buff/cache memory will be released as needed due to heavy traffic down the road.
Warm rgds;

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