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Hi! My site is not loading anymore. I checked everything, ssl, configs, cloudflare, error and access logs, but all seems to be normal, until I login to my DO panel. I noticed a high disk usage even though the cpu usage, disk I/O, and load are all low. I didn’t add anything aside from the necessary tools that I need

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Hello @slarklord123

Thanks for reaching out! Kindly elaborate bit more on the errors you encounter as it helps understand the issue. Regarding disk usage, it would normally be a result of either an application/process or the kernel process running within the Droplet itself.

In most cases, you can enter the Droplet via web console or SSH to explore the CPU usage on the Droplet:

Feel free to provide more details here or open a support ticket with Droplet details at

Hope this helps!


by Justin Ellingwood
Process management is an essential skill when using any computer system. This is especially true when administrating a server environment. This article will introduce some powerful tools that can be used to manage processes on a Linux system.

Hi @slarklord123,

If your droplet is full, like 100% full it might cause issues with other services unable to write data. Usually, this is caused by a plugin of your website/application or anything similar not being configured properly.

What I’ll suggest you do is SSH to your droplet and start digging around. When I need to check for disk usage, I check for big files first. You can do that with a find command:

find / -type f -size +100M

Wait for the command to finish, it might take a while!

Next if you don’t see anything that can be removed, would be to check folders with the biggest number of files. Let’s say sessions, your application can generate session files (like Magento does) and after that not remove them. They can be small files but if they are too many, the disk usage will still be up.

You can use the following command to find the directories with the most files inside:

find / -xdev -printf '%h\n' | sort | uniq -c | sort -k 1 -n;

If uncertain what can be removed, I’ll suggest contacting the person that developed your website, they should know what can be removed or not.

One last thing, if all files are needed, maybe you just need to upgrade your droplet to have more DISK space.


  • thanks for the answer. I found out that I have a lot of backups (12) in my server, and each one of them is around 8gb in size. I deleted all of them since they are no longer relevant (backups dated way back 2019 and 2020). And the real culprit as to why my site is not loading anymore is because of expired domain.

    Anyway, everything is back to normal now, thanks for the help, I appreciate it

Hi @slarklord123,

I’m glad to hear you managed to find and resolve the source of the issues!

Bear in mind that these backups were generated somehow, I’ll suggest trying to see if they are still being generated and if yes stop them otherwise you’ll end in the same situation.