High Memory Droplets? No, create option for the poor lone devs

September 26, 2016 793 views
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The introduction of Block Storage was amazing, as I could add as low as 1 Gig to my storage, extremely great for the poor developers.

When Memory storage was introduced, I thought it was gonna have a similar approach until I realized starting price is 120$ per month. That's insane, I think. If I had 120$ to shed in the first place, I would have signed on to a bigger droplet from day one.

At the moment, I wish to pay for only 512 MB of additional memory for my droplet. CPU can remain the same, everything else can remain the same, just 512 MB of memory.

Please think of the poor guys too.

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In the end, DigitalOcean needs to run as an actual business. If it were profitable to offer those plans, they would have.

  • You've given me 512 MB RAM, 1 Core, 20 Gig SSD for 5$ each month, letting me pay for 1.5 or 2$ for (per week or month) an extra 512 is not/won't be "profitable to offer those plans"?

    I knew someone would throw in the 'needs to run as business' but didn't think it'll come up soon.

    I'm not saying DO should go bankrupt, I'm just saying there're also opportunities for those of us on the other side of the fence

    By giving blocks options, the developer has the opportunity to rig their droplet in ways of their choice, depending on their needs.

    Someone might need 2 TB of Storage but only needs 2 Cores, whiles another might need 224 Gig of RAM but only 20 Gig SSD. Whichever side of the scale, the dev is still paying, which is revenue for DO whichever the direction is.

    Flexibility and options, that's all I'm saying.

    I'm in a similar situation now where I neither need more storage nor CPU power, rather more RAM, but I can't, and will have to move my ENTIRE system to higher specs just because of 512 RAM I'm in need of

    • What you're describing doesn't work the way you think it does.

      Hypervisor capacity planning is a huge part of what plans you're able to offer to your customers. In order to give you a cheaper 1 GB plan by not giving you CPU and disk, they would have to take that extra RAM off other droplets, so they're unable to sell that particular VM you just stole all the RAM from. Sure, it's revenue for DO - less revenue than before, which is no way to run a business.

      There's a certain price point where you don't take as many losses creating high capacity droplets. Presumably that's the price point that DigitalOcean decided on before coming out with the new plans.

      It's possible that things will change and it becomes profitable to do custom plans, but it doesn't seem likely any time soon.

Hi @seanmavley I think its a great idea. I would certainly increase memory on some of my droplets if this feature was available.

Have you added this as a suggestion?


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