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Posted August 18, 2019 2.3k views
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To run high traffic site which has 400K unique visits /month, which droplet config do we need ?

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This is a good question which we can answer by first looking into your site and into the requests made to the site itself.

If your website is an information site and the visitors will be pulling static content, then the resource usage will not be that big as the site content will be cached.

If your site is updated regularly with a lot of information/content (shop, blog and etc), the resource usage will be higher and it will differ each day. In cases like this it is vital to optimize your website (site level cache, database optimization and etc). You can also monitor the website on your current server and check the overall resource usage to make sure you will go with a droplet configuration that will match your needs.

The good thing about Digital Ocean’s droplets is that you can always resize the droplet’s resources in case you need more RAM or CPU in order to keep the website’s performance optimal.

My advise will be to check the resource usage on your current host/server and choose a droplet configuration close the resources used on your current server. Also if you’re happy with the performance of the site on the current server, you can deploy a droplet with the same specs (RAM, CPU) and if needed you can always upgrade the droplet in the future.

I hope this helps.


  • My website is based in wordpress classified, before i was using 2gb droplet,now last week i upgraded to 4gb with 2vcpu but still the performance is same.

    • Can you check what’s the current resource usage? You can run top or htop via ssh to see what process is taking the most CPU or memory.

      You can also use sar to check what’s going on your droplet. With sar, you can monitor performance of various Linux subsystems (CPU, Memory, I/O..) in real time.

      You can use it like this:

      To check the memory usage (Free and Used ):

      sar -r

      To check the cpu usage:

      sar -u

      Let us know how it goes.