Higher CPU usage after update to 4.4.0-141-generic

December 23, 2018 751 views
Miscellaneous Ubuntu 16.04

I see some strange behaviour after updating the Ubuntu 16.04.5 on Digital Ocean to the linux kernel 4.4.0-141-generic. With the same load and processes the CPU load is much higher all the time and CPU stolen rate is also raised (was near 0% before)

Did anyone face this?

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  • To be more specific CPU usage by MySQL raised, but no changes in usage and no slow queries or other changes to MySQL were made. Just the linux packages updates.

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Hey friend,

This does make some sense, at least in theory. The kernel handles the code which interprets this data, so an updated kernel may have updated algorithms. Are you noticing any change in actual performance? If so, does it persist if you revert to the previous kernel?


  • Hi Jarland,

    It has been affecting a performance. But as for now I see that this behaviour was only during the Sunday.
    There were reported some issues on DigitalOcean on that date, so maybe it is related.

    Thank you anyway for your answer.


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