Ho to create database cluster with trusted sources with CLI or terraform ?

November 21, 2019 146 views
DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl) DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database

I can not figure out how to create a managed database and set trusted sources with CLI (docli) or better Terraform. From the documentation:

Endpoint: “https://api.digitalocean.com/v2/databases
“name”: “backend”,
“engine”: “pg”,
“version”: “10”,
“region”: “nyc3”,
“size”: “db-s-2vcpu-4gb”,
“num_nodes”: 2,
“tags”: [

There is no argument / attribute for “trusted sources” with value of ip(s), droplet(s), tag(s), etc.

Any hints ?

Thank you.

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This was very recently implemented to the DigitalOcean API, now the API supports managing a database cluster’s firewall rules (or “trusted sources” as they are called in the control panel).

You can use this endpoint to limit connections to specific Droplets, Kubernetes clusters, external IP addresses, or groups of resources using tags.

Check out the API changelog entry for more information:


Hope that this helps!

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