Ho to expose Ingress

December 6, 2018 1.1k views

I want to expose my service deployed to k8s cluster and I have Ingress controller for such purpose. It works fine, but as known IP addresses allocates by Ingress are ephemeral(at least in GKE), which means you can’t use them to bind such IPs to your domain during DNS configuration.

So, couple of questions I have:

  • Are IPs allocated by Ingress controller ephemeral in Digitalocean?
  • If so, is it possible to point Floating IP address to Ingress controller?
1 Answer

Hey friend,

I asked internally about this and thought this answer from Javi might be helpful:

“What I’ve done is use a service to bind a LB as a service in front of an Ingress Controller ( I used Nginx Ingress ) and that let me keep the public LB IP.”

There is not currently a way to use a floating IP for this.


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