Honest Mistake Am Not Hacker Just Retarded

May 17, 2017 1.6k views
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So i helped two friend of mine pay for their accounts. Turns out it violates the term.


I genuinely didnt know that i cant do this. Im just doing them a favour. I am a student who has no knowledge in server stuff and never in a million years will i commit fraud nor will i have the capabilities for it. I am very bad at programming considering im a software engineer major. I am very sorry and i hope i can get back my account despite the support guy saying im banned for life :(. I really needed the service. I sweat i didnt know i violated the term.

1 Answer

Hi @thepadei

We cannot help you, since this is the community forum, meaning user-to-user support.

You need to get in touch with support hoping they will allow you to get access to your data.

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