Host command trouble

October 24, 2019 377 views
Apache Ubuntu MySQL

I have server on ip XXX.XX.XXX.XX
In digitalocean control panel i have floating ip ZZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ

Apache works correctly, so i can see website on ZZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ
MySql works correctly for localhost

I want to setup remote connection to mysql

if i write in terminal

root@SERVERNAME:/# host XXX.XX.XXX.XX domain name pointer SERVERNAME. domain name pointer SERVERNAME.local.

but if

root@SERVERNAME:/etc/mysql# host ZZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

in mysql config files i tries a lot of bind-address, like XXX.XX.XXX.XX, and * or ::
If i write ZZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ in config, mysql refuses starting

1 Answer

Hello, @Darinx64

It seems like there is no PTR record (Reverse DNS) for ZZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ
which is the floating IP address.

We do not allow mailing over our floating IPs, and currently do not support PTR records for them.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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