Host error on my website

May 23, 2019 146 views


I’m using Cloudflare as CDN for my website (

After noticing that my website was active on Cloudflare I test and it worked (this was yesterday). Nevertheless, when I try to access today I get a 522 error.

It was weird because it was working perfectly yesterday. So I went to my Doplets space to give a check in the console or something and I see the message about the incident with our of DO regions.

A 522 error means that the problem is here with DO because I know that is not on my hosting (I didn’t touch anything besides change DNS, and this was working yesterday without any problem).

It is not a DNS problem, so the problem is here.

Neither I or my clients can’t access the website.

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I can see that your site is up and running now. I got intrigued, would you mind letting us know how you managed to get this working?


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