Host multiple websites on one VPS with Docker and Nginx

November 16, 2019 636 views
Docker WordPress Nginx

Hi, I’m trying to follow this guide but I don’t understand what properly do at point 3: I have a GoDaddy domain, how can I setup it to make it point to the proper wordpress container?

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Hello, @michelediss

Thanks for reaching out to us.

In order to point the domain name to your droplet you need to set the A record of your domain name to point the IP address of your droplet with Digital Ocean.

DNS record should look like this.

Type  Name   Value    TTL
 A     @    X.X.X.X  1hour

Where ‘X.X.X.X’ is the IP address of you droplet and you need to set the Value to your IP address. Keep in mind that DNS Changes might take up 48 hours in order to fully propagate due to DNS cache, however it usually happens a lot faster.

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