Hosting a PHP app with MySQL database + NodeJS Chat server

January 31, 2019 893 views
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I am a beginner with this whole Droplets thing...

I would like to ask your opinion, what should I do?

I have developed an application for iOS, that communicates with my PHP server (+MySQL database). Besides that, It does use (NodeJS) for real time chat.

Should I create 2 droplets? One for the PHP server+Database, and one for the NodeJS realtime chat?

And if so, what do you recommend, should I choose the "OneClick app" option?

I am really confused how this all works.

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I believe that as long as your services and applications are on different ports you should be fine of using 1 droplet.

Though if you want to keep your applications separate, for example if you have the two applications on one droplet and if it happens that one of the applications gets a huge spike in the traffic it would affect the second application as well. So if you want to be safe you could simple have 2 droplets, that way the resources and the applications would be isolated.

Hope that this helps!

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