Hosting Jira on digital ocean

Posted May 6, 2014 20.5k views
Any idea what are the steps?
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Hi Bryan,

Jira is commercial software. I'm sure their support team would be willing to help you through the steps to deploy it. They do have an installation guide for Linux:

They provide an installer that you can use the "wget" command to download onto your droplet and run. For instance, to download their 64bit trial edition, use:


Make the file executable and then run it with:

chmod +x atlassian-jira-6.2.4-x64.bin

When asked, select 'Express Install' After the installer has finished, make sure Jira is running by:


You should now be able to access Jira in the browser to finish installation at:

Hi Andrew ,

Thanks , this work well for me.

How can i do the same for confluence?

I executed these steps on a fresh droplet with no success.
@brantleyr: Did you get any errors when you tried to run the installer? What OS are you running?
Same here.. With Debian 7.0x64 maybe because of root user ¿?

I’m unable to connect once I run a manual install on a fresh droplet on CentOS. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hey, I’m trying to install Jira to on a Centos 6.5 64 bit.

I downloaded the latest version of jira (bin) from the official website using wget.
After downloading I installed the bin using the default settings.

After installing i use: service jira start or /opt/atlassian/jira/bin/

But when i go to: http://myip:8080 i get a blank screen.

Anyone knows what to do?

  • What is the output of your catalina.out log in the application directory? (/var | opt/atlassian/jira/logs) I can’t run anything on Ubuntu myself but that’s just due to a memory issue. It might be the same for you?

  • timouwerkerk92 I also have same issue. please let me know if you could solve this issue.

  • @gmartirosjan @timouwerkerk92
    You may be having issues because of your droplet size. In my experience, the smallest droplet will not work. I would recommend 1-2GB droplets

  • I’m also seeing issues occur. On a fresh droplet install (1GB), after I install JIRA I’ll go to connect to my server on 8080 and the connection will just hang for about 10 minutes before loading the JIRA setup page. Usually what happens at this point is that I can get all the way to giving it my license, it’ll setup the database, but on the wait screen for setting up the database JIRA runs out of available memory and the service crashes. I have to reboot the server in order to start JIRA again. I tried this on a 2GB instance also and got the same result.