Hosting multiple domains. Can I combine name servers from different "service providers"

June 20, 2015 1.9k views
DigitalOcean DNS CentOS

Hello. I have a droplet with Centos 6 and I am trying to experiment a little.

Can I host multiple domains (with each one having its own ip) in one droplet with digital ocean’s name servers without using Bind???

So can I install Bind and create a name server and still use digital ocean’s name servers for second or third???


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  • Can I host multiple domain names in one droplet without virtual hosting on apache then???

    If I want to avoid the virtual hosting, is the only way one droplet per domain???

1 Answer

Each droplet gets one IPv4 address. What is your actual, non technical goal though? You don’t need separate addresses to host multiple domain names.

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