Hosting same website at different locations

October 11, 2018 736 views
Load Balancing Apache High Availability DNS Deployment

Hi there,

Currently, I am hosting my website in my country (Southeast Asia) on my server and wish to replicate the website to US using DigitalOcean.

I am hoping from this implementation, US users (or Europe) will connect to this website instead for faster loading time (instead of my server), like geographical load balancing.

I believe some kind of DNS service may be needed to be used, and has read up on services such as GeoDNS, Amazon Route 53.

1) Is this setup even possible or nontrivial?

2) How should I handle the DNS service for the same domain?

3) Are two web servers allowed to have the same domain (albeit different IP?)

4) What would be the best way to replicate the site contents?

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